Sunteco MVR process can reduce 0.19 million tCO2eq in 2015!

In 2015, our company, Sunteco Limited, can save customers total of 190,232tCO2eq and this value is based on indirect emission – buying steam and electricity from others – and this number will be reviewed on and on by MVR+Evaporator engineering package.

On 30th Dec. 2014, one customer finally decided to adapt our package. So after Nov. 2015, our customer’s emission will be reduced as much 24,586tCO2eq, and this scale is 10.4% of total emission of whole company in 2013.

10,000tCO2eq reduction is equivalent to nurture 6 million trees for 40 years. So 190,232tCO2eq saving is same as the effect of 114 million trees for 40 years or 6 million trees for 760 years!!

Please refer this press release of the Ministry of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, dated in 2013(Sorry but Korean only).

In this press release, you can see that in 2014, the emission-reduction-target of petrochemical and oil refinery sectors is the total of 624,000tCO2(Petrochemical: 466,000tCO2, Oil refinery: 158,000tCO2). 190,232tCO2eq that we can reduce in 2015 is 32.1% of the target of these sectors. Regarding all industry sectors except electricity manufacturing sector, our scale consists 6.17%, and 1.27% of all industry if included. As you can see, this percentage is huge for even one small company can achieve.

We are able not only to save the customer’s money used in buying steam but also reduce carbon emission of world.


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