Climate Change Performance Index2018과 2019의 우리나라 점수를 함께 살펴보았다.
우리나라가 1등 상승한 데에는 2018에서 low 평가를 받은 climate polocy에서 2019에서는 medium을 받아서 가능했다.
물론 그래봐야 거의 꼴찌다.

From: Climate Change Performance Index 2018 & 2019

South Korea in 2018

South Korea ranks in the bottom 3 of this year’s CCPI with a comparably very low and severely misaligned performance with regard to a well-below-2°C pathway in the GHG emissions and
energy use categories. Coming from a very low level of renewables in the energy supply, the country’s very high rating in the development of renewable energy adds a bright spot to its overall performance. Nonetheless, national experts worry about the increasing installation of coal capacity and coal consumption and criticize their government for its unambitious 2030 emissions reduction target.

South Korea in 2019

The Republic of Korea ranks 57th and is among the worst-performing countries of the CCPI 2019. This is a result of very low ratings in the GHG Emissions and Energy Use category. The Republic of Korea is among the countries with the highest level of per capita emissions and per capita energy use, both of which are increasing. A positive development, however, can be seen in the renewables section with an overall medium rating: although the share of renewables in the energy mix is still very low, the country shows one of the highest growth rates. For its climate policy, the Republic of Korea receives a medium rating. The government released new plans for renewables and electric vehicles.


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